DOWNLOAD DJ Akademiks Nicki Minaj Diss Track Mp3 LYRICS

DOWNLOAD DJ Akademiks Nicki Minaj Diss Track Mp3 LYRICS

Nicki Minaj and DJ Akademiks ‘ back-and-forth have reportedly reached a boiling point. For the Queens-based rapper, the hip-hop expert had chosen words, calling her out and telling her face that her career is going down the drain. Even though she declared her retirement last month (and then came back from it), Nicki still gets all the smoke from Ak. Announcing the return of his musical alter-ego Lil AK this week, the social media sensation has officially dropped off a diss track against the iconic emcee, crushing it in just over two minutes.

Uploading the song to his YouTube channel called “Take Care Babe,” Akademiks replied to Minaj with some scathing lines. The cut starts with a bouncy rhythm and Ak’s following lyrics: “Don’t be playing, don’t be playing like you know me / Tell Nicki that she can fuck me on her IG.” If you don’t feel Ak really slipped into the messages of the artist, he’s given proof by revealing their conversation. Minaj reportedly insulted Akademiks by claiming that she knows too much about his family to play with her around. Obviously, though, Ak is not afraid.

According to Ak, besides the diss bars, Nicki is “too old” and she should stop claiming to be a Barbie because, we quote, “Barbies is for children… why are you trying to be lit?” What do you think about the record?

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