DOWNLOAD M.I Abaga The Viper (Letter To Vector) LYRICS

DOWNLOAD M.I Abaga The Viper (Letter To Vector) LYRICS

After much excitement from hip-pop fans for a new track from Chairman to Vector, M.I Abaga releases a new album. The name of the new song is “The Viper,” where M.I gave Vector Maturity instead of lashing him. He’s sharing how to be effective with VEC and becoming a manager and entering the higher authority. Vector’s just bitter because he got a feature, but I still love him as a son.’.. M.I’s playing a fatherly role on this record and sharing some wisdom with Vector.

In his word;’ I have chosen to give the snake the key to my success instead of reacting in hatred. Help to citizens.’ You’re the only rapper who didn’t do anything to get anyone else up. From your first producer LayLow to your former manager Michael (who is currently working for CC btw) to your friend A-Q that year. Everything you do is using men. Olamide gave a voice to so many, Ice Prince the same, Falz just an all-round hero, Reminisce brings up young legends. Don’t even compare to me.

I’m my own goddamn business!! See why you were always a rank under the aristocracy of rap! Because you are a man with jealousy and envy. Your fans are a great sha. Since they love you so much, despite it. I pray that you will open your heart and let God’s message through me inside. It’s time for you to fully realize your abilities. My son… widen your heart to enlarge your coast?Your music brand and career is going to thrive.

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